Interested in joining in? Great!

Bateria 61 is always open to new players of any experience level. We are a friendly, welcoming group of people and we're always happy to see new faces. If you think you might like to be a part of the action, then come and check out one of our practice sessions.


How to Join

Details of our next studio practice should be shown at the right of this page. The first practice is free so there's no cost to come and have a go, all you have to do is show up. If you decide to come back for more we just ask for a contribution of $10 per practice OR $55 for three months to cover studio hire and other costs. We practice up to four times a month and you can come as often or as little as you like / are able to.

If you can let us know you're coming it's always appreciated as we can make sure we'll have enough instruments.



Personal practice is definitely required to play samba. Our aim is for everyone to learn how to practice effectively on their own, and then come together in the studio once a week to create fantastic rhythms, and occasionally unleash ourselves on the world.

Fortunately there are plenty of resources available if you want to learn samba. Just visit the Practice Pad for a great collection of tutorials, videos and transcripts. You don't need a drum, you don't even need sticks, all it takes is a little bit of time.

Much like anything, you only get out of it what you put in.



It's usually not a problem to borrow an instrument at practice, however the usual rules apply; please ask first (in case you haven't already been offered), and treat everyone's gear with respect. Most of our gear has been sourced from overseas at cost to ourselves, so it should be treated appropriately.

Of course if you have your own samba instrument then you're most welcome to bring it along too. No djembes please.


What to Bring

Samba drumming is very loud and highly active. Hearing protection is a must and something to drink is highly recommended.

We have rehearsals on two Mondays (6-9pm) and two Saturdays (11am-1pm) in a month.

Contact us on: info(at)bateria61.com for our next rehearsal! 

Stage Door Productions

7/33 Maddox St, Alexandria


See y'all there!!

Sydney city (Alexandria).

Parking available.

Saturdays fortnightly

11am - 1pm

Mondays fortnightly

7pm - 9pm

How Much?

$10 Casual OR

$55 For 3 Months

First session free!